iStat CPU gadget picture Looking for a gadget that will monitor each of your CPU’s cores separately? Look no farther! This tracks multiple cores and sits right on your desktop along with your custom themes. If you believe some programs don’t use all cores, use this tool!


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This handy gadget will give you a breakdown of the usage of each of your CPU’s cores seperately. It provides both a visual representation and an exact percent usage of each core, as well as a total percent CPU usage.

Is there a program running on your computer that you don’t know about, making it slower? How much is each program taxing your computer? Are the power-saving features on your core working properly? Find all this out and more with iStat CPU!

iStat CPU gadget options

The options window allows you to choose among five different colors (blue, fire, green, orange, and pink) for the theme of the gadget. What a great gadget!

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Multi-core CPU’s are common: Keep track if their CPU usage is balanced or not. Maybe you can find cores that are not used effectively and try to apply some fixes or install 64-bit apps that support multiple cores. Handy!

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