Multi HDD Meter gadget picture This cool gadget was designed to monitor several hard drives at once very accurately, while still being visually customizable.


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This is an incredibly useful gadget for those users who have more than one hard drive. This gadget will give you an accurate, up-to-date information about your hard drive’s usage and free space. This gadget gives a readout of the letter designation, name, total capacity, used capacity, free capacity, and a percentage used for each hard drive you select. It also gives the user a visual representation of how much space is being used on the hard drive.

Multi-HDD Meter gadget options

In the options tab, you can choose from over eighty different background skins for the gadget, so it will look stylish with every desktop background. You can also select a custom destination for the double-click shortcut feature of the gadget (default is the C:/ drive folder). This gadget is invaluable for computers with more than one hard drive!

File Download

If you have a bunch of hard drives you can keep track of all of them right on your desktop. Handy!

Download Multi-HDD Meter Gadget