No, you don’t have to re-install Windows 8 when the Master Boot Record is corrupt, here’s how to fix it

Repair your computer

MBR, also termed as Master Boot Record is a secure place where information regarding Windows 8 is stored for safe booting. If you are unable to boot windows and get a message stating that the MBR is missing, you need to fix it right away.

MBR plays its role of booting Windows 8 smoothly and in rare events, this sector doest get corrupted. Here is a short way on fixing this issue:

1. StepInsert the Windows 8 Consumer Preview installation disc in the drive. Make sure that in your system setup, the first boot record is CD/DVD-ROM so that Windows 8 gets booted using the installation disc. When the Windows 8 installation screen pops up, just click Next.

Click Next for Windows MBR

2. StepClick Repair your Computer.

Click Repair your Computer

3. StepIn the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot

Click Troubleshoot to fix MBR

4. StepOn the next window, click Advanced Options

Click Advanced Options

5. StepNow click Command Prompt and enter the command as shown below:

Fix MBR Command Prompt


That is it. You are done with fixing the MBR issue. When you restart now, you should be able to get a clean and successfull boot of Windows 8 Consumer Preview.