Increase Fps In Skyrim.jpg 1If you followed our tips how to speed up Skyrim but Skyrim is still incredibly slow, here are some tips how to increase the FPS using a few mods.

1. Step Head over to and download Skyboost

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2. Step If you are new to mods you should read our tutorial how to use Skyrim Mod Manager by Nexus to get an idea how to install this

3. Step This mod will boost your FPS quite significantly especially in larger agres of Skyrim

You will find various other useful Skyrim mods online that can boost your FPS. Always keep in mind now to install too many mods or they can slow you down too. Most mods are written by amateurs so some can actually make the game perform worse.

4. Step Use Fraps or some other tools to measure your FPS before and after installing any mods