We have posted a couple articles about creating and developing games. Today, I want to show you a fascinating cheap 3D animation software for Windows 7 for beginners who can’t afford 3dsmax or Maya.

Best Cheap Animation Software

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Get this cheap 3D animation software for Windows 7 (beginner-friendly):


Sell Your 3D Models Or Include It In Commercial Projects

If you create some 3D animations nowadays you most likely have an intention. You might want to include your models in a free game mod or sell it on some of the popular stock exchange websites (yup, you can make a lot of money selling 3d models on stock exchange websites). However, in order to do that you need a license of Maya or 3dsmax. Beginners usually don’t have the cash to pay a couple thousand dollars (yes, 3dsmax would cost you more than $3000), so you need to look for free or cheap alternatives to 3dsmax. One of the cheap alternatives that I used to create some really basic animations is IllusionMage.

IllusionMage is a cheap (less than 50 bucks) but professional 3D animation software that is perfect to get some quick results. If you are new to 3D Animation, the software includes several hours of training material. Even with little knowledge in this field you can modify and animate some of the samples after only a couple of hours, the learning curve is very beginner-friendly.

Creating some cool and nice-looking 3D animations is not so difficult. However, you need to take action and work through some tutorials to get the effects and results that you want. I have worked with several 3D animation tools and I am very pleased with the program.

Creating cool 3D animations easily

IllusionMage is based on the software Blender and includes a lot of tutorials that will teach you how to create 3D animations and models. Let’s take a look at the interface:

3D Animation Software Windows 7

IllusionMage works on Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit and of course on Windows XP and Vista.

Get this cheap 3D animation software for Windows 7 (beginner-friendly):