WriteItNow1 If you’re interested in writing your own books, you may need a good novel writing program to work out the details of your characters, the plot points and all the details of your story.

Anyone interested in writing a novel should invest in creative writing software. Creative writing software helps keep a writer’s novel organized and offers them many creative tools to help keep their novel on point. While there are many creative writing programs out there, here are highlights of the top five software programs that any person writing a novel should look into.

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1) WriteItNow


WriteItNow’s innovative creative writing software offers authors a large selection of tools and features for $70. It’s one of the most organized writing programs, allowing users to keep track of characters with character tabs, outline the novel’s events, and keep track of time sequences with graphs. It also contains an idea generator to help writers overcome writer’s block, while picking the characters involved in the event. WriteItNow also has a sleek design and user-friendly graphics. However, other software offers setting development tools and genre outlines; WriteItNow doesn’t.

2) WriteWay Pro


Costing $24, writers can buy a creative writing program that comes with the best features and tracking devices. Users can create templates for characters, search the web within the program, and display story lines visually with storyboards. One of the unique features this software offers is the ability to track when and how long the writer worked on their novel, helping writers better manage their time. On the downside, this product is not compatible with Macs and is missing genre outlines.

3) Power Structure


Power Structure is one of the most expensive creative writing programs, costing $150. It’s also, however, one of the most versatile and customizable writing software out there. It contains different formats and features for writing novels, screenplays, movies, or TV scripts. Users can also note conflict points to better view their story’s overall plot. Power Structure’s word processor has old-fashioned toolbars, which users may not like as much as other programs. This program also lacks brainstorming tips, a dictionary, and genre outlines.

4) Contour


This creative writing software is very organized and has many help and support options. Costing $50, users will find Contour’s scene suggestions and archetype questions very useful in developing their storylines. This program also offers idea panels where users write notes that may come to them while working in the software. Despite its unique features and organization, Contour requires users to become familiar with its features in order for users to seamlessly navigate through its interface.

5) Dramatica Pro


Dramatica, clocking in at $270, is the priciest software for creative writing. Due to its steep price, Dramatica offers a variety of features, such as story structure suggestions and character description prompts. It questions users along the way, asking them to make decisions about the story’s dramatic direction. Stories can also be easily imported or exported. This product, however, is extremely expensive and lacks a dictionary and genre outlines.

A good creative writing program can help writers completely develop a novel, with character and plot suggestions and guidelines. Users who are still unsure about which software is best for them can easily download demos of each program in order to get a feel for their best fit.