It’s so much easier to help people out there when you can actually access their PC’s. Here’s a review of some remote desktop tools for 2015

First software is for end-users, second for advanced users who want to repair client PC’s and last a reliable solution for businesses.

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1 Free Remote Desktop Services (End-User)

You don’t always need software to establish remote connections. Various web services provide remote desktop services that allow you to log into your computers over the web – quickly and secure. This also works if you want to connect to your Windows 7 or 8 PC from your iPad or iPhone.

LogMeIn is one of those free services and one of most popular choices.

log me in remote desktop service for 2013

2 TightVNC

If you need something more reliable than web services, a full fledges VNC software is required. TightVNC is free and the best solution for Windows.


Yes, TightVNC is free for both commercial and non-commerical purposes. However, keep in mind that free software often has poor support and security issues. IT professionals often rely on other ways to connect to servers. If you’re running a linux machine that you want to connect to, you’d be better of with a SSH connection. However, to perform certain tasks on Windows PC’s this is a good solution.

3 TeamViewer

One of the most popular software for remote desktop connections is probably TeamViewer, however the price tag is only affordable for businesses.

A TeamViewer lifetime license starts at 499€, including support for a year.

One of the advantages of TeamViewer is that your clients do not have to download and install any software, various software like UltraVNC requires that. (read our review best VNC software for Windows 7)

A movable TeamViewer panel makes the tool extremely flexible and multi-monitor support is also great to be more productive while using the remote desktop software.

Teamviewer remote desktop software 2013

Whatever your needs are, Logmein, TightVNC or TeamViewer are good picks when it comes to remote desktop software for 2013. If you have any other top picks, let us know.