Cobian Backup Software It’s a must to backup your data and it’s good to have a capable free backup software for this job – we reviewed some programs for 2015.

Tip: We have previously reviewed free backup software and our winner was Cobian  10

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Computers are infinitely fallible, so much so that they are almost guaranteed to cause issues at some point in their lives. When they do cause issues, the damage is often inconceivably massive. It can take hours to work to determine that only some of the information the computer held is accessible and the rest is just gone forever. To prevent this issue, make sure to back up your computer with any of the tools below:

1 FBackup

Fbackup Software.png

FBackup features an easy two-step process for backing up and restoring data.It is a good that things are explained so clearly, because otherwise the multitude of options FBackup offers would be quite dizzying. Backups can be scheduled automatically or done on command, the entire system can be backed up or just a few files, and users can choose where they want the back up to be stored. Even the level of compression can be customized!

2 TrueSafe Personal Edition

Truesafe Personal Edition Software

For users with loads of computer experience, TrueSafe Personal Edition may not be the first choice. It is a bit slow moving and defaults to saving things on the C drive, both of which make the program mildly imperfect. However, users who are looking for the most convenient option available will find TrueSafe Personal Edition to be an excellent choice. The program guides users through an easy series of steps for setting up the back up. Once it is arranged, it works on its own, without any user interaction required at all, making it one of the easiest programs to use.

3 Cobian Backup

Cobian Backup Software

Cobian Backup is the direct opposite of TrueSafe Personal Edition, and novice users should stay far, far away. The user interface is not very intuitive and the help file is not very helpful. However, for those who are experienced enough to understand the technical jargon and multitude of options, Cobian Backup is, without a doubt a great choice. The array of options for storage location, scheduling and level of compression is unparalleled, and there are also options for extra security measures like password protection and encryption.

4 Paragon Backup & Recovery Free

There is a reason Paragon Backup & Recovery Free is so popular. The entire computer or specific parts of it can easily be backed up to a CD or DVD with just one click. Perhaps more importantly, Paragon Backup & Recovery Free restores the backed up information beautifully. Partitions can be resized and restored without damaging the data. Select files can be restored or the entire hard drive can be rebooted. It is intuitive, easy to use, quick, and restores items neatly when needed.

Paragon and FBackup are basic, all around programs with impressive lists of features. TrueSafe is ideal for novices, with the intuitive interface and easy process. Cobian, on the other hand, offers significantly more features and options than most programs, but is very difficult to use. The best really depends on personal preference and computer experience.