Change Directx_thumb2 Here are various tips that will help you to speed up Far Cry 3 by tweaking the GamerProfile.XML

Below you will find out how to tweak the graphic settings in Far Cry 3 to increase the FPS. Obviously, the easiest way to speed up the game is to buy new hardware, but if you don’t want to spend any money this guide is the best choice to get the highest FPS and best performance!

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1 Disable Field of Depth, Disable HDR, Lower TextureQuality

1. Step Launch Far Cry 3 and customize the graphic settings

2. Step Alt tab and hit Windows key + E

3. Step Copy and paste this path into the address bar %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Far Cry 3

4. Step Do a right-click on the XML file GamerProfile.xml. If you have notepad++ installed you have an option on the context menu to open it, else select Open with and choose Notepad

5. Step Search PostFxQuality and change the option from PostFxQuality=”false”, then hit CTRL + S

6. Step Search TextureQuality and change the option to low or medium, then hit CTRL + S

7. Step Search Hdr=”1″ and change the option to Hdr=”0″, then hit CTRL + S

8. Step Search WaterQuality=”high” and change the option to medium or low, then hit CTRL + S

9. Step There are various other options you can change, most of them you can change in-game, only settings like PostFxQuality have to be disabled via the XML file

2 Make Sure You Have The Latest Beta Drivers

Both AMD and NVidia may have released a new beta driver that addresses issues with new games like Far Cry 3

Latest NVIDIA Video Card Driver Updates for Windows 7

3 Tweak More GamerProfile.xml Settings

The following settings are set to “high”, so if you want to increase your FPS to make Far Cry 3 A LOT faster, then you can change the settings to “medium” or even “low”. Some settings like PostFXQuality can be set to “false” to disable them completely (see above). Play around with the settings. At the bottom of this article you can find a proper default XML file that you can use if you messed up your own configuration.

The following is a list of all important settings:

ResolutionX="1280" ResolutionY="720" EnvironmentQuality="high" AntiPortalQuality="default" PortalQuality="medium" PostFxQuality="high" TextureQuality="high" TextureResolutionQuality="high" WaterQuality="high" DepthPassQuality="high" VegetationQuality="high" TerrainQuality="high" GeometryQuality="high" AmbientQuality="high" DeferredAmbientQuality="medium" ShadowQuality="high" EditorQuality="" Hdr="1" HdrFP32="0" ReflectionHdr="1" EnableVertexBinding="1" id="custom"

4. Turn OFF VSync!

Vsync is disabled by default, but if you changed the graphic settings already you may want to double check that it’s disabled

Disable Vsync In Farcry3

5 Lower Shadow Quality

Next, change the render quality. If you’re a casual gamer keep it high, but if you’re competing for kills then you may want to reduce the render quality as much as possible, because that will increase your FPS (frames per second) dramatically

Change Shadow Quality

6. Change Field of View For Performance Boosts

The field of view specifies how far away objects are still rendered. The higher this value is the more objects the PC has to render and calculate – lowering this setting can dramatically increase your performance not only in Far Cry 3 but also most other games like Planetside 2

Change Field Of View

7. Consider Buying A SSD Or Upgrade Your RAM

If you have the money to buy some hardware – this is the best way to speed up games like Far Cry 3 – If you’re on a budget and don’t want to buy a new PC, you should first consider buying more RAM, then secondly a SSD

RAM is cheap but can increase performance significantly. Do not buy the cheapest RAM although or you may have bad RAM latency and slower access speed.


When buying a SSD, consider reading our SSD optimization and buying tips 

SSD Optimization and Buying Guide

8. Re-Install Windows 7 / Use GameBooster from

If you’ve installed Windows 7 years ago, then it may be time for a fresh installation. Over time, Windows gets bloated and may slow down your PC.

In any case it’s always useful to kill services AND programs that are not needed. IO’s Game Booster is a perfect tool to do that and quickly kill unnecessary programs and services.

making skyrim run faster

9. Kill Tray Apps / Running Apps

Programs that are still open in the background and possibly download files can slow down your PC and decrease your performance.

Shut down Tray programs

10. Programs with disk I/O Problems could slow down Far Cry 3!

One of the most frequent problem I encounter on PC’s is that there are many programs with a high disk I/O running in the background. A lot of disk I/O can cause performance problems. If you want to speed up the game, it is important you minimize disk read and write operations!

Open the resource manager and find all processes with disk activity. Kill services and programs at the top

Windows 7 Resource Monitor

Default GamerProfile.xml

If you messed up your config, download this one and tweak it:
Download XML File