Fix Fonts Folder issues Font problems are common but there are quite a few tools that can help you to fix issues and entire font folders. More below

Windows 7 often has issues related with fonts and if you are a very old user of Windows 7, you would know how this situation could lead to problems in documents where various fonts are being used. If you are like me who had been frustrated with this problem, it is time to get it resolved. Download Fix Fonts Folder, a 3rd party utility designed to scan all fonts and their corresponding registry keys. Here is a detailed walkthrough.

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1. StepVisit the following link and download Fix Fonts Folder utility

Download Fix Fonts Folder

2. StepAfter downloading and installation has been completed, run the utlitity

Open Fix Fonts Folder

3. StepIn the main interface of Fix Fonts Folder, click on Fix Fonts Folder on the top left. This will start scanning and analyzing the current fonts. You might need to assign admin access for this task. This is how scanning is being performed:

Click Fix Fonts Folder

4. StepOnce scanning is completed, the utility would show you a list of all fonts incompatible, invalid corrupt or having no registry keys. This way you would be able to judge and delete the ones that are invalid. Here is how the results look like:

Fix Fonts