Windows 8 Application Excellence Labs2.png Microsoft has announced it is to offer a Windows 8 App Excellence Lab, basically a dedicated place where experts talk to developers in the early or late stages of development pre-launch.

Clearly the Windows Store in Windows 8 is going to be at the forefront of Microsoft’s push with the OS

There are definitely plenty of reasons to develop and app for Windows 8, and one more reason has been announced today: the App Excellence Lab for Windows 8. It’s for developers who are closed to finish development, and those who have just begun or are concepting.

It’s basically a series of tests over two hours to make sure an app is in the best shape before Windows 8 launches. Experts, as Microsoft is calling them, will answer developer questions and help improve apps whether they’re almost done or just beginning.

It’s described as getting a head start in Windows 8 app development, which could be vital for developers who want to leverage the influx of people who will be using Windows 8 on launch. As proven with iOS and apps such as Flight Control, good apps at the beginning remain around for a long time. That’s because less apps are going to be available, so the better apps are going to be recommended more.

Simple Set-Up Process

The App Excellence centers take place at the Microsoft Campus in Thames Valley Park, Reading, UK. The difference availability slots are in the source link below – there are quite a lot – but the sessions do run Monday-Friday. There are also virtual labs available, in case you can’t attend, to join via Live Meeting.

It’s pretty straightforward to attend an App Excellence Lab: users go, complete the Application Profile survey which is what experts use to get information about the app, and then under the Notes section enter two pieces of information: a date and time of an App Excellence Lab according to those available and choosing a virtual or real lab. The final step is to choose the New Application Profile and then App Excellence experts will contact the developer to confirm the App Excellence Lab.

Ultimately this should help developers create apps of a good quality, not like on Android where there’s varying degrees (and not for the better).