Search Apps For Windows 8 Too Windows 8 brings search integration, or the option of it, for every Windows 8 apps. It’s basically like pressing tab after entering an address in Chrome, and here are some apps that do it well.

Search in Windows 8 can be done just in a specific app, and here’s where it really shines

So often it feels like we’re talking about how Windows 8 might fail, what devices it should launch on, what Microsoft should have included and basically anything that isn’t positive. So, to remedy that, we’re going to highlight a few positives: five apps that bring great search integration in Windows 8.

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Search integration into Wikipedia seems like a no-brainer: in Chrome, you can press tab and search without loading up the site. It’s similar functionality in Windows 8: type the information you want, like Windows 8, and it’ll appear. Pretty simple, but pretty effective.


It’s a similar case on Amazon, where it save user loading up the website and then searching for a product: just type what you want. You’ll then be presented with relevant items in typical Metro style, though Amazon could be more inventive with the design of app. It looks pretty basic in its current form.

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Cookbook was one of the first promoted apps for Windows 8, probably because the design is so elegant: pictures clearly show recipes, the name of that recipe and the category of dish (dessert, for example, and presumably starter and main). Just type in the recipe and you’re away. It’s really that simple. This is directly integrated into the app, so we’ll have to see if you can search for apps without opening the Search bar on the right-hand side.


Probably the ideal fit for the search integration, because the service is built around discovering new content. So search away, whatever you like, and you’ll probably find something interesting. If you have something specific in mind, just head to Wikipedia.

And I’m sure this is just the tip of the potential developers have to integrate search in interesting ways. It seems like the voice-to-text search Google unveiled this Wednesday at the Google I/O conference would be great, because you could search for specific results in Wikipedia for example or a recipe in Cookbook.

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