Thew new UI in Windows 8 hasn’t won over all consumers, which some people likening the operating system to Windows Vista, but here are some apps which show how the design can be unique.

5 Apps That Make Great Use Of Metro Ui

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#1: Windows Store

Windows Store Metro App

Maybe the most overlooked app – not program – in Windows 8 in terms of design, Microsoft shows developers how Metro can cleanly and clearly present information in different categories on a single plane that you can swipe or scroll through horizontally. Clicking on apps shows the description, images, out-of-five-star ratings and how much the app costs with a download button. Creating first impressions is important, and Microsoft doesn’t miss the opportunity to impress.

#2: Cookbook

Cookbook Metro App

Cookbook has consistently been brought up because searching for recipes and the Metro interface works wonderfully together: Metro highlights images, important for seeing what a recipe looks like, and categorizes them. You can also favorite recipes, and Today’s Specials highlights recipes that may interest you. It’s not super complex, but then why does a recipe app need to be?

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#3: Vimeo

Vimeo Metro App.png

Vimeo is a beautiful when viewing video, with its smooth UI and focus on video (surprise!). YouTube hasn’t arrived, yet, but Vimeo has used the Metro interface perfectly by sorting videos into tiles with a thumbnail. Move to the right to view more videos, or go back to view those you’ve seen.

#4: Kobo

Kobo Metro App

Kobo creates a great reading experience by laying out your books horizontally, with the covers allowing books to be instantly recognised. Tap to read. Pretty simple, right?

#5: News Republic

News Republic Metro App.png

New Republic reminds me a lot of Flipboard, presenting information in tiles with the ability to create your own hubs for content. The advantage of Flipboard is that the wrapper resembles a magazine, giving the effect when you’re scrolling between pages of tiles. It would fit perfectly on Windows 8, and it’s now on Android. Why not develop for Windows 8?

All in all, there are already some cool apps out there. Here at, we’re definitely all looking forward to the release of Windows 8, the new tablets and everything else that Microsoft has in store for us later this year!