Today we’re going to do something really fancy. We’re going to stretch a movie across multiple monitors! If you own multiple monitors, why not get the most out of them? Let’s rock!

Stretch Movie Across 2 Monitors

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Let’s look at an example, what we might achieve:

Impressive, huh?

First of all download the latest VLC Player that allows you to stretch a movie (be it a DVD or a YouTube Video) across 2 monitors!

Download Latest VLC Player

VLC Video Wall

What we are going to do now is to create a video wall. VLC can create multiple windows that you can then drag and drop onto your other windows (yes real windows that you can also resize).

1. StepOpen up the VLC Preferences:
VLC Preferences

2. StepAt the bottom select “Show Settings: All”. Then go to the “Video Settings” and uncheck “Overlay video output”:

VLC Video Settings

3. Step Uncollapse “Video”, uncollapse “Filter” and click on “Image Wall”:

VLC Video Wall

Number of columns: 2
Number of rows: 0
Active windows: (empty, don’t enter anything)
Element aspect ratio: 4:3; change to 16:9 if you have a widescreen monitor

Click on “Filter” and scroll down to the bottom of the list. Check the option “Wall Video Filter” (this is important or it won’t work at all):

VLC Wall Video Filter

5. Step Save your settings.

Open your video file.

7. Step We now have something like this:

VLC Dual Monitor Movie

Drag the right window to your other monitor. If you are on Windows 7, you can simply drag it to the top of the desktop and it will automatically go into fullscreen mode or right-click on the windows and go to “Video” – “FullScreen”:

VLC Fullscreen

Do the same for your main monitor.

Right-click on the VLC windows and go to “Video” – “Aspect Ratio” and select the ratio for your monitor, e.g. 16:10:

VLC Aspect Ratio

10. Step If you have done everything right, you can now enjoy watching a movie stretched across multiple monitors.

My Screen Resolution::

Multi Monitor Movie

Important: Adjust Screen Resolution

For optimal results both monitors should have the same resolution, e.g. both.

Also, you might want to switch the VLC video output from Direct3D to OpenGL, but both are working just fine.