Enjoy Blu Ray Movies In 3D Thumb2 Many people asked us what the easiest way is to watch Blu-Ray’s on Windows 7 – the easiest solution is getting PowerDVD Ultra


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Among the top of the line in Windows 7 blu ray players is the PowerDVD 12 Ultra.

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Many blu-ray player enthusiasts consistently name this product their favorite and it garners superior reviews in technology publications. There are no good alternatives to PowerDVD 12 so far – it’s simply the best of the few that are actually available


Special Features

Watching Dvds In Hd Quality

This particular Windows 7 blu ray player includes such features as digital zooming, allowing the viewer to enlarge a selected scene in a blu ray movie and cinema mode, which allows for distant viewing of a blu ray movie. The PowerDVD 12 Ultra includes a web connectivity feature which allows the viewer to integrate with social networking sites to upload comments and reviews.

Another convenient aspect of this blu ray player is its ability to access additional movie content via the internet. This allows the viewer to access scenes not on the actual movie disc. The player’s time stretch function enables the viewer to slow down, speed up or reverse playback on the movie, which is favorite feature with reviewers.

Enjoy Blu Ray Movies In 3D

Attractive Extras

The PowerDVD 12 Ultra is a popular Windows 7 blu ray player that also allows viewers to see videos in 3D in their own homes. The player’s power manager lets the user maximize battery life, while viewing a blu ray movie on a laptop or other device without compromising the quality of the picture. The environmental settings feature allows the user to customize the movie for a particular setting, such as family room or theater and viewers can watch selected blu ray movies on multiple devices at the same time using the simultaneous viewing function. The parental control feature is also popular as is the karaoke feature.

Superior Audio and Video Technology

Surround sound is part of the Dolby digital feature on the Windows 7 blu ray player and this audio feature is one fans of PowerDVD 12 Ultra seem to particularly enjoy. Additional high definition audio enhancements make this a great player for the best sound experience:

  • Dolby TrueHD and the DTS Digital Surround

On the video side, the digital stretch feature automatically sizes the picture, regardless of the size of the screen and eliminates any distortion. Video effects can be modified on this player so that levels of brightness, saturation and contrast can be altered to suit each viewer’s taste. Upscaling the picture to high definition and 3D can be done on this player as well.

Disc Options

Along with regular blu ray discs, this particular Windows 7 blu ray player can accommodate recordable and rewritable discs. Regular DVDs and recordable and rewritable DVDs may be played on the PowerDVD 12 Ultra as well as video compact discs, which are known as VCDs. The successor to the VCD, the SVCD is similar, but as the next generation in VCD technology, it provides a better quality picture. High definition camcorders record onto DVDs using an HD format called AVCHD, and these DVDS may be played on this Windows 7 blu ray player too.

Picture and sound quality are highly important to many viewers today. Cable and other subscription products allow for the viewing of some movies while they are still in theaters and many people prefer watching movies and other programs in the comfort of their own homes. This makes Windows 7 blu ray players like the PowerDVD 12 Ultra products that are in great demand among people with home theaters and high definition televisions of all sizes.

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