Apple is taking quite a hefty revenue share for apps sold through their app store. Microsoft intends to take the same revenue share, however it’s still the greatest opportunity for developers since 2000.

Revenue share for the Windows 8 app store

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Microsoft To Keep 30% From Apps Sold On Windows Store

Yes, Microsoft will keep 30% of all sales in order to cover for the costs of hosting and distributing the apps and of course they also want to make money.

70% is a fair share for developers and they are already accustomed to it on Apple’s App Store for iOS and OS X.

Unlike Apple though, Microsoft won’t have to run separated stores for desktop and mobile apps because Metro Apps will be able to run across all Windows 8 devices — both desktops and tablets, Intel and ARM devices alike. In addition to this, developers have the opportunity to make it big on what would likely become of the most commonly used platforms in the entire world with a majority market share.

Note by sOliver: Market share of 30% and more is not unrealistic