So, you’re new to Minecraft and you noticed that there are no sounds? No worries, there’s a simple fix to get your sound in Windows 7, Vista or XP. Here are 6 ways how to fix the sound in Minecraft. More after the break.

Minecraft Sound Fix for Windows 7, XP, Vista

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Tip: First try this – hold F3 then press S while you are in Minecraft. This might work. If it doesn’t proceed below.

The following list is a compilation of tips found on the from people who also had sound problems in Minecraft.

1. No Sound Fix: Resources Folder

In order to fix your sound in Minecraft you obviously need sounds. The resources folder in your Minecraft folder includes all sound files. If this folder is empty, there will be no sound at all.

Minecraft resources folder

1. Step Important: Make sure that hidden folders are visible. Windows 7 tutorial here: Unhide hidden folders

2. Step Open the Windows Explorer (Windows key + E). Go to C:\Users\[yourusernamehere]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft (if you can’t see the folder AppData, repeat step 1)

3. Step Check if there is a resources subfolder in the folder .minecraft. Is it empty?

4. Step If the resources folder is empty, download the Minecraft Resource files here or re-download Minecraft. Mac OS X users should download Minecraft again from the Minecraft website.

5. Step Extract the folder resources to C:\Users\[yourusernamehere]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft

Important: replace [yourusernamehere] with your actual username, e.g. C:\Users\sOliver\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft

6. Step Restart Minecraft and you should have sounds!

Still no sound in Minecraft? Continue below.

2. No Sound Fix: Install OpenAL32.dll

Another common reason for no sound in Minecraft is that you did not install OpenAL on your system. OpenAL is a cross-platform (Mac, Windows, Linux) 3D audio API that many games use.

OpenAL Sound Engine Installation

1. Step Open the Windows Explorer (Windows key + E). Go to C:\Windows\system32
2. Step Enter OpenAL or scroll down manually to find the file OpenAL32.dll
3. StepIf you can’t find the file OpenAL32.dll in there, download OpenAL for Windows. You can also download OpenAL from here, which also includes an installer for Mac OS X and MacOS 8/9.
4. Step Extract oalinstl.exe and run the setup.
5. Step Done, you should now have sounds in Minecraft, because the OpenAL libraries are now installed.

Doesn’t work? Still no sound? Continue below.

3. Rename OpenAL32.dll or OpenAL64.dll

1. Step First, if you don’t already know what Windows version you have read this: Find out what Windows version you have
2. Step Open C:\Windows\system32 and rename OpenAL32.dll to OpenAL32.dll.bak (if it’s not there repeat steps above)
3. Step Next, open C:\Users\[yourusernamehere]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin\natives\
4. Step Copy the file OpenAL32.dll to C:\Windows\system32
5. Step Open C:\Users\[yourusernamehere]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin\natives\ again.

OpenAL32.dll Minecraft

5a) Rename OpenAL32.dll to OpenAL32.dll.bak if you use Java 64-bit
5b) Using Java 32-bit? Rename OpenAL64.dll to OpenAL64.dll.bak instead of OpenAL32.dll.

Tip: If you use Java 64-bit on your system, you will need the OpenAL64.dll instead of the OpenAL32.dll. If you use Java 32-bit, you will need the OpenAL32.dll file.

Tip2: The OpenAL64 library file of Minecraft apparently does not work well and makes Minecraft crash. A solution is to download the lightweight Java game libary (LWJGL) from here Copy the OpenAL64.dll from that library into your Minecraft/natives folder.

I believe Minecraft is first checking the natives folder for the OpenAL library files. But it doesn’t really make sense to me, because normally OpenAL64.dll would be used for 64-bit systems. However, when I installed OpenAL on Windows 7 64-bit, it copied OpenAL32.dll into my system32 folder and not an OpenAL64.dll into the sysWOW64 folder. So, I really don’t have a clue what the OpenAL64.dll is for.

– Further investigation needed here, will be updated –

4. Sound Error: javaw.exe – Bad Image

The application or DLL C:\Documents and Settings\…\.minecraft\bin\natives\OpenAL64.dll is not a valid Windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette.

If you get this error message, do the steps 5a + 5b again and rename the OpenAL.dll files in your Minecraft natives folder.

5. Shortcut For Sound

While you are in Minecraft hold F3 then press S to enable sound.

6. Enable Sound / Music in Minecraft

Make sure that sound and music is not turned off in Minecraft. This is obviously the first thing you should check.

1. Step Open Minecraft
2. Step Click on Options
3. Step Make sure sound and music is not turned off:

Minecraft Sound Options

If you have any input on this, I am sure many Minecraft players will appreciate your help on this. Also make sure to check out this Minecraft Windows 7 theme