Worried about a Null0.exe – sounds like a virus? Find out what Null0.exe is! (Yes, it’s often a virus)

What is NULL0.exe?

There have been a lot of viruses and trojans discovered so far and still a lot are yet to come if you think practically. Virus and trojan developers work with a much pace that they actually outrun the anti-virus companies. Null0.exe has created quite a buzz in the internet world these days. Null0.exe is usually in the form of null0.********.exe with eight numeric agents in between. Here are facts about Null0.********.exe.

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1. StepThe filename Null0.********.exe was first seen back in March this year somewhere in the United States.

2. StepNull0.********.exe comes in a number of formations and with a number of filenames. One way the Trojan is named is on the null0.********.exe format. Other formats include calc[1].exe, contacts[1].exe, readme[1].exe, info[1].exe.

3. StepNull0.********.exe is usually found in the file size of 410,112 bytes.

4. StepAs this Trojan is an executable file therefore it can get itself registered in the registry and might replicated locally all around your machine and disturb your computing experience.


If you have any problems with removing a Null0.exe post a comment below and we might be able to help you to get rid of the Null0.exe