Want to know more about the plugin-container.exe and why it is consuming so much CPU and memory? More after the break.
Mozilla Firefox

You might have noticed a file Plugin-container.exe running on your computer system even when you have not executed any such application. It is usually a suspense for most of the people. Plugin-Container.exe is a feature by Mozilla Firefox in order to make your browsing experience uninterrupted. With the launch of Firefox 3.6.4, this feature was integrated into Firefox. Firefox made this plugin-container to accomodate the running of all plugins integrated with the running of Firefox. There are a number of plugins that assist you in the interactive browsing we do these days. Some of these include Flash, Quicktime and Silverlight all three associated to movies and animations.

In the former versions of Firefox, these plugins used to run in the same place as that of the browsing window. After the release of Firefox 3.6.4, the feature was given a seperate process in order to provide you with uninterrupted browsing experience. Just in case one of the plugins running on the page stops responding/working, Mozilla Firefox restarts only the Plugin-container.exe file and everything gets back to the normal state.

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