The specs of HP’s Windows 7 Slate are impressive, however HP might not use Windows 7 for it’s tablet PC after buying Palm for 1 billion US-Dollar.

HP Slate PC Specs

Windows 7 introduced quite a lot of useful touchscreen features and Microsoft’s touchpack for Windows 7 proves that Microsoft is doing a lot to move forward, but Windows has never been optimized for tablet PC’s, so how it could compete with Apple’s iPhone OS?

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Experts state that it just wouldn’t make sense to use Windows 7 for their Slate PC. Palm’s innovative webOS that is optimized for mobile devices would be a much better choice for a fast, light-weight and cheap tablet PC than a resource-hungry Windows 7, which is clearly optimized for large screens. Shrinking a OS just wouldn’t be a solution to make Windows 7 more mobile-friendly.

On the other hand, a tablet PC is not a mobilephone and especially HP’s device has enough power to run an operating system like Windows 7 without becoming too slow. Many people are so much into Windows 7 that they want to take it wherever they go, so why not on a tablet PC? If HP and Microsoft manage it to optimize Windows 7 for the Slate PC, I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t use Windows 7 for the Slate PC, especially after creating so much hype for their device.