The specs of HP’s Windows 7 Slate are impressive, however HP might not use Windows 7 for it’s tablet PC after buying Palm for 1 billion US-Dollar.

HP Slate PC Specs

Windows 7 introduced quite a lot of useful touchscreen features and Microsoft’s touchpack for Windows 7 proves that Microsoft is doing a lot to move forward, but Windows has never been optimized for tablet PC’s, so how it could compete with Apple’s iPhone OS?

Experts state that it just wouldn’t make sense to use Windows 7 for their Slate PC. Palm’s innovative webOS that is optimized for mobile devices would be a much better choice for a fast, light-weight and cheap tablet PC than a resource-hungry Windows 7, which is clearly optimized for large screens. Shrinking a OS just wouldn’t be a solution to make Windows 7 more mobile-friendly.

On the other hand, a tablet PC is not a mobilephone and especially HP’s device has enough power to run an operating system like Windows 7 without becoming too slow. Many people are so much into Windows 7 that they want to take it wherever they go, so why not on a tablet PC? If HP and Microsoft manage it to optimize Windows 7 for the Slate PC, I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t use Windows 7 for the Slate PC, especially after creating so much hype for their device.