Ll_dragon Naturally Speaking Screenshot Version12 B Thumb Dragon NaturallySpeaking has many advantages over other voice-recognition software, let’s take a look at it!

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is generally considered one of the top speech recognition programs on the market today. With the release of the software’s twelfth edition, the program is even more accessible and easy to use. However, that does not mean that it is entirely without its issues. Outlined below are both the advantages and disadvantages of Dragon’s popular software and how those perks and drawbacks might affect you as a user.

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Performance Advantages

dragon Naturallyspeaking 10 Screen

NaturallySpeaking has improved greatly over the years in terms of overall performance, thanks in no small part to the constant evolution of computer hardware and performance. The program does the user a favor by detecting hardware configurations and automatically setting its features to provide optimal speed. The auto settings are not always perfectly accurate and may need some adjusting, but this is a boon to inexperienced users who just want to start the program and go.

Performance Disadvantages

The only times where NaturallySpeaking may provide some disadvantages in terms of performance are when you use an outdated or unusual hardware configuration. If you have an older computer, you will find the program to be very slow and buggy. This can be fixed by upgrading to a newer model. The software also, unfortunately, has poor support for remote desktop programs, making remote recording difficult if you do not have a workaround such as Dragon’s microphone app for smartphones.

Overall Compatibility and Use

NaturallySpeaking is compatible with several other programs, including commonly used word processors such as Microsoft Word and the most popular web browsers. If you plan to use the speech recognition features in many different programs, you will want to pay the extra money for the premium edition of the software. The premium edition provides a wider range of compatibility and use. Some may be put off by the higher price, but the business model is reasonable considering how much work goes into compatibility. More problematic in terms of compatibility is that while the program boasts Bluetooth performance, it only works with a limited variety of sets, much to the chagrin of some.

Tutorials and Instructions

Ll_dragon Naturally Speaking Screenshot Version12 B

The biggest boon of NaturallySpeaking is the revamped tutorial system that allows even the most inexperienced user to get a handle on the basics of the program very quickly. The tutorial has no videos, unfortunately, but the text is simple and easy to access, providing links to a variety of different subjects. Anybody who was worried about picking up the speech recognition program because of the purported difficulty of those items is in for a pleasant surprise when they find out how easily they can learn the most essential functions. The tutorial does not cover some of the more obscure topics of the software, however, which means that those who do not explore the program will miss certain functions.

Overall, NaturallySpeaking has improved steadily over the course of several years. While the compatibility, performance and functionality of the program are still not perfect, there are many strengths and only a few drawbacks with this software.


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