This is a tutorial for absolute beginners, who don’t know how to open the command prompt in Windows 7.
Because you have to know this in order to follow the instructions of the many tutorials on this site, I thought it would be worth it to make this a step-by-step guide.

Regular vs. Elevated Prompt

1. Step First of all, click on the start orb and enter cmd .exe into the search field. Right-click and select Open for a regular prompt, right-click on cmd .exe and click “Run as administrator” for an elevated prompt

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How to open command prompt in Windows 7?

2. Step VoilĂ , it’s already done, you just opened the Windows 7 command prompt:

Windows 7 Command Prompt

3. Step Resize the window, so that you can see what you type: Drag the corners to resize it!

4. StepYou can now enter any command and follow the instructions of our Windows 7 tutorials.

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Windows has a few neat hidden tricks – for example you can use the Windows explorer to browse to a folder and then open a command prompt at the current location – Find out how it works

Windows 8 Users

Opening elevated command prompt on Win8