If you ever have a problem with Windows 7, you might want to consult this page first.

This is a very extensive list of Windows 7 tutorials, bookmark it for future reference or find a quick solution.

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Product activation

First things first! You will have to activate Windows 7 in order enjoy it.

System Upgrade

Still on XP or Vista? It’s time to upgrade.


File management is important.


Your hardware is expensive and should be maintained regularly.


Boot me up, Scotty!


If you want to enjoy all features of our themes, you’ll have to change a few settings.


Ain’t it working? Damn it!


Stay organized and your life will beasier.


It’s game time!

How to speed up Windows7:

Slow PC? Make it run smoothly.

Media / Network:

Feeling creative? Let’s create and share something.

How to disable/enable…

Want to enable a special feature or is it so annoying that you want to disable it?

How to install…

We always install new stuff, but what if you don’t have a clue what to do next?