A common error message is error 43, here’s more about it and ways to fix it


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It seems that all versions of Windows are vulnerable when it comes to errors and bugs. Windows 7 is the most stable version till date, and yet has error 43 often popping up on the screen. Similarly Windows 8 Consumer Preview is in its beta stages and is also affected from the same error. Usually this error occurs when there is a problem in the device driver when connected and since every device has a unique driver, it is shipped along with the device. In case the driver you are installing is out of date, you might need to upgrade it online from the manufacturer’s website. The other way is to troubleshoot it and here is what you can do to fix error 43 in Windows 8:

1. StepInitiate Run by pressing Windows Hot Key + R. Now type in Control Panel and hit Enter on your Keyboard:

type control panel in run and hit enter

2. StepOnce you are in Control Panel, you would see an option of Troubleshooting. Click it as shown below:

Troubleshooting Control Panel

3. StepIn the Troubleshooting window, you would ne able to fix the error caused to your device driver. This is the general approach you can take to troubleshoot almost anything related to your system in case something goes wrong. But in our case, we need to click on Configure a device under Hardware and Sound:

Troubleshooting Click on Configuer a Device

4. StepAn onscreen wizard shall guide you all the way to the troubleshooting process. Click Next.

Trouble shooting wizard

5. StepThe next screen would be running a short scan of the entire hardware devices connected with your system. This is done to ensure that all of the devices have latest drivers. It is shown in a screen like this:

Troubleshooting process

6. StepOops! Since I got some errors in my system (good for your understanding), it is showing them in the next screen. You can click any of the option to find out more information about the troubleshooting process. If you click Explore additional options, you would be redirected to the Windows Help System.

Troubleshooting end


In case this process does not work, simply reinstall the driver of your device by downloading the latest one found on the manufacturer’s website, or get in touch with the company to get the best alternative.