Previously, I explained how to disable hibernation in Windows 7 and how to delete hiberfil.sys in Windows 7, but what if you want to enable hibernation in Windows 7?

It’s better than standby, will completely shut down your PC and will give you almost instant access to your PC and restore all applications that were running before.

Hibernation Button Windows 7

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Enable Hibernation via Command Prompt

To enable Hibernation, you will first have to run a simple command via the command line utility.
So, run the command line utility as administrator and run the command:

powercfg /hibernate on

powercfg: Enable Windows 7 Hibernation

Disable Hybrid Sleep

In order to enable Hibernation in Windows 7, you have to disable hybrid sleep first. To do that open up the Control Panel and click on “Power Options”:

Control Panel: Power Options

Click on “Change Power Plan Settings”:
Change Power Plan Settings

Click on “Change advanced power settings”:
Change Advanced power settings

Uncollapse “Sleep” – “Allow Hybrid Sleep” and select “Off” from the dropdown:

Power options Windows 7: Disable Hybrid Sleep

Hibernation Button Enabled

After you followed the instruction above, you successfully enabled hibernation and the hibernation button should be display when you click on the little shutdown arrow on the Start menu:

Hibernation Button Windows 7