Lg Vs Samsung Hdtv Thumb2 Wondering who’s offering the best TV for your money, Samsung or LG? We compared both brands and their HDTV’s

  • Note by oliversk: LG’s have better 3D features and their software is easy to use. Samsung’s TV’s are not bad, but often very expensive and LG usually provides more value. The TV that I own shipped with 4 3D glasses and 2 gaming glasses –  Our value recommendation for 2012/2013 would be LG: Great picture quality, awesome 3D experience and lots of additional goodies

Samsung and LG are two multinationals that have been around for a while; each offer different products, but all within the same sphere of product type, including new and innovative TVs. Because of both the likeness, and yet the individual differences, people often battle over which company’s televisions are the best.

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Lg Vs Samsung Hdtv

About Samsung

Samsung is a well-known international electronics corporation that manufactures televisions, video and photography equipment, home appliances, computers and computer parts, as well as mobile phones and accessories. Samsung tends to be on the cutting edge of technology and maintains business partnerships with chemical and machine industries, as well as financial and securities services. Samsung is typically recognized for innovation in addition to sustainability and quality. The newer lines of TVs are some of the company’s more sought after products, including the new 3D and Smart TVs.

Getting to Know LG

LG is another conglomerate that has gained notoriety with advancement in the cellular and electronics fields. Also offering television, video, computing and appliance products along with mobile phones, LG is a regular competitor with Samsung. Currently LG has a television that has a dual core processor and a Magic Remote that introduces Google TV, which partners the magic of television with the infinity of the internet. The products boast ease of use and open the door to a new realm of technological integration. LG’s new 60 inch plasma and 60 inch plasma 3D Smart TVs are going to be contenders in the electronics market for sure.

Samsung ES8000R Smart TV or LG Cinema 3D TV LM7600

Samsung and LG televisions are so close in rivalry that only by comparing individual products is it possible to see which company is better. Two newer and popular products are the LG Cinema 3D and the Samsung ES8000R. The 3D visual capabilities of the LG report to surpass Samsung’s Smart television. The viewing accessories are equally superior in that Samsung uses the active, or shutter, 3D glasses versus LG’s use of the new passive, or polarized, glasses. But Samsung holds its own in innovation, having both motion and voice controlling options. There are also new models that have a spot in the back of the TV that allow for future upgrades, a huge plus with technology.

Gaming With Samsung and LG

Aside from just normal television and video viewing, gaming has become a huge aspect in choosing a new TV. With the unbelievable graphics and animation that video games are offering today, it is important to any serious gamer to have a quality television that can support and best show the details of the game’s interaction. Both companies have coupled with the internet, with LG having OnLive and Samsung partnering with Gaikai, both Cloud services. LG pulls ahead of Samsung here, however, by offer wireless controllers and new additions of 3D gaming titles.

The reality is that both Samsung and LG televisions are high quality and loaded with new technology. Choosing the best one will really be determined by the buyer’s individual needs and preferences.