Allowswitchingoff 9N ThumbWhen you press Alt + Tab or use the top-left corner you can access the switch list, but only it’s not disabled

TIP: The Windows 8 switch list can be accessed via Alt + Tab or moving your mouse pointer to the upper left corner of your screen

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  • The switch list contains a list of all opened Apps, Settings and Desktop. If this Switch List Bar is turned OFF, you can no longer access it

1. Step Press Windows + C to go to the Windows Charms Bar-> Go to Settings-> More PC Settings.

More PC Settings

2. Step Go to General. In General Settings you will find App Switching. By default it is turned ON.

Allow Switching On

3. Step Move the slider to the left to turn it OFF. You are done now.

Allow Switching Off

4. Step When App Switching is turned off the list with apps will no longer be available

Comparative View

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