I don’t know about you, but I normally like rock more than electrical music, but at times I just can’t resist electro beats (even if they are technically produced and not “real” music). Here are 5 awesome electro songs that a friend sent me today. I really enjoyed them! Also check out this inspirational music for your Windows 7 progress bar by XX. Unbelievable awesome.

Top 5 Electro Songs 2011

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She – Atomic

The creator behind She tries to create music for his digital drawings. Awesome idea – art and music are two things that should always go together. Want more! Read more about She here.

Also, check out the She albums on Amazon here:
Coloris, Orion

Fourward – Fury

Uh, this beat is pretty awesome. Really great Electro song.

She – Coloris

Another track from “She” – Coloris. Another pretty awesome electro song:

Noisia and Teebee – Lost Cause

Noisia – Block Control