One Note1 Are you searching a great alternatives to Windows Journal? Then make sure to give the following applications a try to quickly take important notes

Windows Journal is a stock program that is designed for taking small notes or—as the name implies—basic journaling. However, those who like plenty of user customizable options and functionality often find these things lacking in the Windows offering. Listed here are some great alternatives to this program that are packed with features and easy to use.

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1) OneNote


OneNote is based on plain text formatting and is extremely easy to use, but a few users noted that some formatting bugs make themselves known from time to time. This application is perfect for individuals who prefer to take typed notes in school or even those who want a basic personal journaling program. It is reminiscent of the Windows Notepad application but has more of a Word feel. The only downfall that users noted with OneNote was the lackluster printing abilities. In fact, some stated that they needed to copy and paste their entries back into Journal in order to print them successfully.

2) KeepNote


KeepNote is a small program that works not only on Windows-based computers, but also on those that run Mac or Linux operating systems. The program was designed to be used in a multitude of ways, whether users want to keep class notes, write in an electronic diary, create to-do lists or even grocery lists. Rich-text formatting is available with KeepNote, and so is the ability to insert images and more. The full-text search function allows users to retrieve their notes at a later date or filter them by keyword. This program is a favorite among die-hard note-takers.

3) Stylus Labs Write

Stylus Labs Write

The Write program from Stylus Labs is one of the most different types of journaling software available today. Rather than providing an interface for typed notes and entries, Write allows individuals to attach actual handwriting hardware—generally a ‘pad’ and stylus—to their computers and take notes in their own handwriting. However, the program also provides users the ability to convert their handwritten notes into type-font if this becomes necessary later down the line. It is a truly innovative product and one that plenty of users are beginning to notice.

4) Notezilla


For users who want the ability to take extremely quick notes, Notezilla is a great option. Here, users are presented with a Post-It note type interface for jotting down quick tidbits of information. The notes can be ‘stuck’ not only to the users’ desktops, but also to individual webpages, folders and documents. Better still, each note comes with an alarm that can be used to set reminders. This means that individuals who are routinely forgetting appointments can become more organized with the help of this small but feature-packed program.

5) My Notes Keeper

My Notes Keeper

Though My Notes Keeper was designed to work with older versions of Windows, it works in Compatibility Mode with newer versions, as well. This program is a great option for long series of notes and outlines such as those created for reports, short stories and novels. In fact, all of the notes that users create are then stored in their own outline of sorts, making it easy to find notes regarding particular subjects. For users who want to keep their tidbits organized, My Notes Keeper is the best choice.

There are literally dozens of replacement applications for Windows Journal on the market today, but not all of them are created equally. The ones listed here are those that are most commonly downloaded as well as those that have received the best reviews from users.