Don’t like waiting? Well, you could do multitasking, but some studies suggest that multitasking makes you stupid and slow. So, why not add some inspirational music to your progress bars.


If you need help finding some good music, here’s one of my favorites that I just discovered. It’s the song that was played during the BBC Election 2010.

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XX – Intro is the name of the song. It’s only 2 minutes long, but it’s a highly inspirational track. It’s one of those examples that simple tracks can have great effects:

I suppose that all of the photos of the video are made by Andrew F., whose gallery and portfolio is available online at

How to add this song to my Windows progress bars?

You can convert the Youtube video to MP3 or MP4 for your ipod at, our free Youtube video converter.

Then simply use Instant Eleveator Music to add the MP3 file to your progress bar.