If you’re really downloading a lot you should give the Internet Download Manager a try to speed up your downloads. However, if you’re looking for free alternatives, here’s a free download manager for Windows 7 that can also speed up your downloads.

Free Download Manager for Windows 7

Much like the IDM (Internet Download Manager) the FDM (Free Download Manager) is building up multiple connections to the file to increase your download speed:

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High Download Speeds Windows 7

As you can see above, the FDM is building up even more connections than the IDM. However, the IDM was a bit faster than the FDM and reached 1,6MB/s while the FDM was constantly downloading at 1,25 – 1,3 MB/s.

Anyway, the FDM is a great download manager. It’s a tool packed with nice features! One of the best features is that you can share your opinions about all downloads and let others know of malicious downloads. There’s also a nice feature to schedule a download! Another feature allows you to log into a site to download files, which might come in handy if the downloads are password-protected.

Free Download Manager Features

  • Share opinions about downloads
  • Schedule downloads! (Start a download spree while you’re asleep)
  • Download Password-Protected files
  • Download Torrents & Flash Videos! (Use SkyDownloader to speed up Torrent Downloads)
  • Portable Download Manager!

Download Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager
Get the free download manager from http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/