Computer Information and Control Gadget Here is a handy gadget that will give you important information, computer control, and even a stopwatch right on your desktop!


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This handy gadget displays the full date, day of the week, time (including seconds), current computer uptime, and even a stop watch, all in one convenient place! What a stylish and compact way to keep all this information handy, right on your desktop.

CTControl gadget locking

This gadget also has handy buttons to let you turn your computer off, restart it, and put it in power-saving mode with one click! Importantly, it also has a lock so you don’t inadvertently hit one of these buttons. With the lock on, a stylish glass-like panel slides over the computer control buttons. After pressing the “Lock on/off” button, the panel retracts and the computer controls can be accessed.

File Download

CTControl gadget picture

You can download this file here – keep in mind that this does only work on Windows 7

Download CTControl Gadget