A rootkit is a program that hides malicious files and processes on your PC, so that you won’t notice it when your system has been compromized.

Malwarebytes has recently released an Anti-rootkit which is currently in beta, you can check it out here

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Anti-rootkits are a mandatory for every advanced PC user. If you haven’t heard it yet, the Windows 7 Black Screen of death was caused by malware. It’s time that we tighten up our system security!

1 Sophos *Free* Anti-Rootkit

Anti-rootkit for Windows 7

Sophos Anti-Rootkit is compatible with Windows 7 and x64 systems.

Sophos is the leading anti-rootkit for Windows 7. Although, I dislike the fact that you have to go trough E-Mail activation and a registration with address and company name, it is a very good tool to find all of the hidden files and processes on your system.

On my system Sophos found more than 100¬† hidden files, but they were luckily all false positives. If there is anything on your system that you don’t recognize, then you should take a closer look, maybe it is indeed a rootkit.

Advantages: Free, finds *all* hidden files, light-weight tool

Disadvantages: Long Registration, many false positives, not a portable .exe file (it has to be installed)

2 AVG Anti-Rootkit ($55)

The latest package of AVG Internet Security also includes an Anti-Rootkit that is compatible with Windows 7 and also x64 systems. If you need a firewall as well, you might want to give AVG a try: Windows 7 Firewall Review

Although, AVG is a bit pricy (about $55), it is a great all-in-one solution: It includes a firewall, web shields, link scanner, anti-rootkit, anti-virus, e-mail scanner and more.You can download a trial.

AVG Anti-Rootkit for Windows 7

3 Panda Anti-Rootkit (for businesses)

Panda, who have been in business since 1990, have¬† one of the most professional security solutions. I personally know some IT specialists who are using it to protect the PC’s of their clients. Panda’s package also includes more than just an Anti-rootkit and is even more expensive than AVG (~$52 for 6 months), but this is also the best software that you will find anywhere.

Panda specialized on security applications and have a lot too offer for businesses:

Pandora Internet Security

Panda Anti-Rootkit for Windows 7