After Chinese hackers attacked Google’s infrastructure and illegally accessed the Gmail accounts of human righs activists, Google decided that they will stop the censorship of Google.CN or shutdown the site forever.

Google China Censorship

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The Chinese government will probably not allow Google to run their search engine without self-censorship, so the question is can Google really afford to lose one of the biggest growing markets? Will they really live up to it?

According to CNET, Google’s revenue in China is approx. 2% of the total revenue that Google earned in 2009. As we previously reported, China has the most internet-users worldwide and is still growing at dramatic rates.

Google won’t shutdown Google.CN!

  • 1. Stock price would decrease – Stockholders won’t approve this
  • 2. Google is selling the smart phone Nexus One through it’s own website and would not be able to sell their devices to the world’s largest market.
  • 3. China has the most internet users worldwide and their buying power will increase dramatically over the years. Google would lose millions in advertising revenue.
  • 4. Phone sales will grow 21 percent this year in China (
  • 5. Microsoft and Yahoo won’t follow Google