Ok, so everyone should now have access to Google Buzz, but how would you follow people on Google Buzz? Actually, I’m surprised that Google did so little to make their new service user-friendly. Google did not even add a “Follow” button to Google profiles. In order to use Buzz, you will need a Google profile, only then people can find you.

Google Buzz Logo

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So, first of all log into Google Mail and click on “Buzz“. Scroll down and you will see the link “Follow new people”.

Find People by name or e-Mail

You can then find people by name or e-Mail:

Find people on Google Buzz by name or e-Mail

Google Buzz requires Google profile

Because Google requires a personal Google profile, you can search for your buddies entering their real name instead of their nick:

Why Google Buzz will fail:

Personally, I think some people will actually use Google Buzz, simply because it’s Google, but the majority of people will not bother.

  • Integration into Google Mail = complete failure (it should have been a separate site)
  • It’s not as easy to use as Twitter
  • Following people should be easier (adding a follow button to each profile would be a start)
  • Google did not think about companies who might want to join Google Buzz using a synonym/nick without a personal Google profile