Linksys E1200 Wireless N Router_ll Routers from Netgear, Linksys and other companies are quite easy to access, but if you need help with it, here are some common default IP addresses and default user/password combos

Accessing Your Router Should Be Simple, Use Our MAC Address and IP finder Tools

Read first: By default, a lot of routers use similar IP address. If you lost your router manual (you can always download it from the manufacturer website online) you can try the IP addresses and user/password combinations below to log into your router and access the configuration panel. Always keep in mind that by pressing the reset button on your router you can reset a router to the default configuration and then the IP’s below will MOST LIKELY work.

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Before you reset the router try the IP’s below first because you might end up losing your telephone configuration and your ISP data could get deleted from your router, so be very careful.

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If you have a different router, you can still select one from the list below and see if the settings are similar. If you have a different router, go with Linksys first.

Accessing Netgear Router And Default IP, User

Net gear router can be usually accessed by one particular default IP address:

  • Default IP:
  • Default user: admin
  • Default password: password OR 1234

Net Gear Router N600 Dual Band Gigabit Wndr 3700.Png

Accessing Linksys Router, Default IP, User Password

On most Linksys routers you can log in at as “admin” with the password 1234 or admin. If that does not work for you here are the alternatives that allow you to access router

  • Default IP: or
  • Default user: admin OR Administrator OR comcast OR none
  • Default password: admin OR 1234 OR none OR password

Linksys E1200 Wireless N Router.png

Accessing Belkin Router via Your Browser

Belkin router can be usually accessed via – however keep in mind that there can be alternative addresses or an administrator can easily change the IP to access your router. If that is the case you will need a tool to check your network for connected devices

  • Default IP:
  • Default User: ¬†Admin OR None
  • Default Password: None or 1234 or your ISP

Belkin N150 Wireless N Router.png

Accessing Verizon Router via Local IP

By default you access Verizon routers using by entering the IP address into the address bar of your favorite browser. Enter the default user admin and password as your password and you should be able to log in. As with the routers above, keep in mind that admins can easily change this IP – so if you are on a shared PC another user might have changed the IP previously – in that case you need to do a IP address lookup and check all connected network devices

  • Default IP:¬†
  • Default User: admin OR your ISP e.g. comcast
  • Default Password: password OR blank/none

Verizon Westell 7501 Wireless G Broadband Router.png

If you’re still having trouble accessing your router, post your problems below, but first try to reset your router following the instructions in the router manual and then you will most likely be able to access your router from the IP addresses listed above