If you want a free Google Sticker for your shiny new laptop to show off that you’re a fan of Google, you can grab a free sticker from iPrint.com. They also have shirts, cups, mugs and much more stuff. The shipping for your sticker is free (worldwide!).

Free Google Sticker

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Google is trying to spread the word about their Google Apps and make more people switch to their online web services. Millions are using Gmail and the Google Calendar services every day. There are so many free Google services that one can only wonder how they can offer all of this for free.They are now offering up to 250GB of online storage for their web services at minimal costs!

Anyway, if you already “Gone Google”, then grab the free sticker:

Grab “Gone Google Sticker”

I’ve already grabbed my Google sticker and will post a picture as soon as I receive it. Oh, and of course there will be a Google Windows 7 theme! Because Windows7themes.net has gone Google!

Google Mugs