Did you encounter a SFV file recently and did not know how to open it? A SFV file is basically a checksum file that will make sure that your download is ok. If you want to know where your actual files are stored, read more below the break.

How to open SFV File

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First, let’s open the SFV file, because you surely want to know if your download is corrupted or not, eh?

Download QuickSFV from here, install it and open the .sfv file by double-clicking on it.

Checking SFV Files CRC

Where are my actual files?

Often, you will only find a bunch of files .001 .002 .003 and so on after extracting a .RAR file, this is because you can compress files by compressing a ZIP or RAR archive again (a 2nd time).

How To open Windows 7 Themes

Download 7-zip that also allows you to open Windows 7 themes and then double-click on the file .001 and you can then proceed with extracting the ISO files or whatever is inside the .RAR archive.