World Cup Gadget for Windows 7Already downloaded the World Cup theme for Windows 7 including icons and star orb? Well, then you might want to get the world cup gadget as well!

Actually, it’s not a Windows 7 gadget, it’s a toolbar gadget. Normally, I wouldn’t bother with toolbars, but this one is really decent and very unobtrusive without any annoying ads and it has by far the BEST world cup gadget out there. Check it out below:

It provides..

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World Cup news

Thanks to the gadget you can get the latest news right in your browser

World Cup News

World Cup team news

Want to keep track on a specific team? Read the team news:
World Cup Team News

World Cup photos:

Latest impressions of the World Cup. Getty Images for the win!
World Cup Photos

World Cup calendar:

If you want to know when your favorite teams are playing this calendar will be handy:
World Cup Photos

Live soccer scores

Need the latest scores immediately? No problem, the live scores feature got your back:

World Cup News

Watch World Cup live online

You can even watch the World Cup live through your browser.

World Cup Live

World Cup RSS feeds

The World Cup gadget also provides several RSS feeds to read:
World Cup RSS Feeds

Free World Cup game

Last but not least the gadget also includes a free game for the breaks between the real game:
World Cup Gam

Each of those features could be pretty much a stand-alone application. Decent huh?


Download the toolbar and the World Cup gadget here: