If you don’t like repetitive tasks and want to become more productive, let AutoHotkey insert frequently used text automatically! Whenever you start typing your signature, AutoComplete will then allow you to insert the rest of it!

Paste frequently used text

1. Step Grab AutoHotkey and install it. Download it here.
2. Step Copy and paste the following script into a notepad: http://www.vasanth.in/content/binary/Intellitype.ahk
3. Step Save the notepad file and select “All files” from the dropdown and add the extension .ahk to the filename, e.g. intellitype.ahk:

Autocomplete script

4. Step Double-click on the file and you will notice the Autohotkey tray icon pop up in your system tray.
5. Step Create another notepad file and insert all the words and text that you use frequently on a different line, e.g. your signature.
6. Step Save the file as wordlist.txt file within the same directory as your Autohotkey script “intellitype.ahk” (the one we just created)
7. Step Start typing your signature and you will notice the tooltip. When the tooltip appears type “11” and it will autocomplete your signature.

Paste frequently used text

This might save you a lot of time. Typing in the same text over and over again gets really boring, so this is definitely a great help!

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