Here’s another productivity tip! Do you sometimes download multiple files and then move them into separate folders? If so, there’s a great tool that can help you to save some time, it will automatically create a folder for each file and move the file into the folder.

File to folder program

The tool is called FileToFolder or short FTF and is definitely a huge time-saver for some tasks.

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0. Download FiletoFolder

1. Step Start FileToFolder and click on the button Add to Context Menu.

Add file to folder to context menu

2. Step From now you can access the program from your right-click context menu!
3. Step Go to the folder with your files that you want to create separate folders for.
4. Step Right-click on the files and click on File to Folder
Create folder for each file separately
5. Step Confirm the UAC prompt(s)
6. Step All files will be moved into separate folders

Important: If there are files with the same name but a different extension, FTF will move them into the same folder. Also, I believe that it is not case-sensitive, so it will move file setup.exe and Setup.exe into the same folder.

Now that you created a folder for each file, you’ve got your files a bit more organized. This can be handy, it can also be a lot more stress to manage the files. It all depends on the purpose. Hopefully, you will find a good purpose!