Enable Vsync In Guild Wars 2_Thumb4Do you have screen tearing issues in Guild Wars 2? If so, you may want to read this to fix it

1. Step The most obvious thing to is to press F11 while you are in-game (in GW2) and enable Vsync

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2. Step Go to the graphic options and at the bottom check the box Vsync – this could already fix your screen tearing issue

Enable Vsync In Guild Wars 2.Jpg

3. Step If that doesn’t help and you use a NVIDIA graphic card, disable double/triple frame buffering

Disable Double Triple Frame Buffering

4. Step Still no dice? Then go on and try playing around with the Hz of your monitor

5. Step Right-click on desktop, click Screen Resolution

6. Step Click the blue Advanced Settings link on the bottom right

7. Step Go to the tab monitor and select a different refresh rate from the dropdown:

Change Screen Refresh Rate

8. Step Still no luck? Read this related tutorial