How to telnet in Windows 7 Telnet is a service for accessing the command-line utility on a remote host  communication. If you want to know how to telnet in Windows 7, follow this tutorial.

Open Programs & Features

1. Step In the Control Panel click on “Programs and Features”:

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Control Panel: Programs and Features

If you want to display the Control Panel as a menu on the Start menu, you should read this guide:
How to customize Windows 7 Start Menu

Turning Windows Features on or off

2. Step Next, you will see the entry Turn Windows features on or off, click on it:

Control Panel Turn Windows Features on or off

Enable Telnet Client in Windows 7

3. Scroll down the list until you find the entry “Telnet Client” and check that option:

Enable Telnet Client Windows 7

Confirm with “Ok”.

Accessing Telnet via Command Prompt

Now you can access telnet via the command line utility.
Enter telnet to start the telnet utility in Windows 7:
Telnet in Windows 7

Establish a telnet connection to your server, enter open port:

Establish Telnet connection in Windows 7