Sometimes, you might want to clear the icon cache in Windows 7. You could probably just restart, but if you want to do it like pros, then here’s a quick tutorial how to clear the icon cache without restarting.

Windows 7: Clear Icon Cache

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Trivia: The icon cache is a database file that is usually very small, about 5MB.

Icon Cache DB Location

Windows has a file where it stores your icon cache. The file name is “IconCache.db” and can be found at the following location:

  • C:\Users\[insertyourusername]\AppData\Local

So, basically just open the folder above, make a copy of the file IconCache.db and delete the original one. Now restart your PC or end the process explorer.exe and restart it again.

Open up the task manager via CTRL + ALT + DEL and go to the tab processes:

Replace Explorer.exe



Restart Explorer (Run…)

Your taskbar will disappear. Now simply, click on “New Task” and enter explorer.exe to start the explorer again:

New Task