TakeABreak gadget picture Do you often get caught up in what you’re doing, and forget to take breaks? Reduce stress and increase your health and happiness with this gadget!


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Health experts are very clear that you should take a break at various intervals while working on the computer. Get up, stretch, grab a drink or a snack. This reduces the stress and strain that regular computer users incur on a daily basis. The trouble comes when people get so caught up in their work that they forget about their breaks. That is where this gadget comes in! Once activated, it will remind the user at various intervals to leave the computer for awhile.

TakeABreak gadget options

The options let you choose how the gadget notifies you. The gadget can either make a sound, fade from transparent to opaque, or both. There is also a comprehensive help file accessible through the options. Taking a break at regular intervals is clinically proven to reduce stress and strain and, ultimately, increase productivity!

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If you work a lot, take breaks – this gadget will remind you constantly – powered by jqlgadget.com. Cool productivity gadget!

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