Firefox 3.6 has been released. It now fully supports Windows 7 and has some pretty cool new features. 30,000+ new themes for Firefox 3.6 can be download for the newest version of Firefox, that’s a lot, right? Because of the huge amount of Firefox 3.6 themes, I compiled a list of the 50 best themes.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Firefox Theme

More Themes

Uncharted Firefox Theme

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Firefox Theme

50+ Firefox 3.6 Themes

What will your browser wear today? Persona is just another word for “theme”, but the Firefox Personas are a great way to customize Firefox.

All of the 3.6 themes can be applied with just one click. Check out our firefox themes page, click on a link and to apply the theme click on the button “Wear this Persona”

Firefox 3.6 Personas

Although the Firefox themes are very simple, they can greatly change the appearance of your browser. Normally, Firefox has a utterly boring grey color scheme, so that the Firefox themes are a great change and I am sure many people will get so used to them that they will never use a browser without their favorite skins.

You can also create your own Personas and share them with all the other Firefox users! Of course you can also submit them to our site and we will feature the best creations here. I’ll be creating some Personas on my own, we definitely need some Morrowind, Gothic and Lineage 2 Personas ;)

If you have any wishes for a Firefox 3.6 theme, feel free to drop me a message either via mail (Site-Contact us) or via Twitter “oliversk”.

Firefox Personas Preview