Ok, you might want to downgrade to Firefox 3.5.9 or try out one of the nightly builds of Firefox and grab a Windows 7 Aero Theme for Firefox 3.7a4pre. Yep, it’s doable! A nice extension (All-Glass 2.1.4) also adds the Aero Firefox theme to Firefox 3.5 – 3.7a1pre.

Firefox Aero Windows 7 Theme

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How to install Firefox Windows 7 Aero Theme

1. StepWhile using Firefox 3.5.9 or Firefox 3.6, visit the site of the Firefox addon Stylish over here:

Stylish Firefox addon

Right-click on the green install button and click on “Save as”. Save the Firefox extension somewhere on your hard drive.

2. StepDownload and install the latest Firefox build (3.7apre4 right now):

Download Nightly Firefox Build

3. StepEnter about:config into the address bar.
4. Step Right-click and select “New” – “Boolean”.
5. Step Insert the following line: extensions.checkCompatibility.3.7a (if you are using 3.7b, change this accordingly)

Firefox Override Compatibility

6. Step Double-click on “false”
7.Drag and drop the addon-2108-latest.XPI file into your new Firefox. Install the extension and restart Firefox
8. StepCongratz, you just installed Firefox 3.7a and Stylish.
9. Step Go to http://userstyles.org/styles/26873
10. StepClick on “Install with Stylish”:

Install With Stylish

11. Optionally, you can install the Firefox 4 theme for Firefox 3.7a:

Firefox 4 theme for Firefox 3.7a

Download Firefox 4 theme

Enjoy the Windows 7 Firefox Aero Theme

You can now fully enjoy the Aero theme:
Windows 7 Firefox Aero Theme

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