So, you finally got iTunes running on Windows 7 and now you want a fancy little Windows 7 iTunes gadget, huh?
Well, the latest iTunes fully supports Windows 7 and even allows you to switch tracks straight from your taskbar, but a gadget might come in handy too.

Windows 7 iTunes gadget

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Windows 7 taskbar & iTunes

Let’s first take a look on the Windows 7 taskbar. If you have enabled Aero in Windows 7, then you can control iTunes from your taskbar:

iTunes on Taskbar Windows 7

You can click on the small arrows to play the next or last track.

Download iTunes Gadget

Optionally, you could download the Windows 7 iTunes Gadget:

To make it work, you have to start your iTunes playlist first, then you can control iTunes via the desktop gadget:

Windows 7 iTunes gadget

Configure iTunes Gadget

You can configure the iTunes gadget to make it auto-update the track title. By default this feature is turned off, which is a bit annoying. It will only show the track title when you switch to the next track manually, although you can make it update the track title automatically.

Hover over the sidebar gadget and click on the screwdriver icon. You can now set the auto-update interval for the Windows 7 iTunes gadget:

Windows 7 iTunes auto-update

Set it to 30 or lower and it will check the track title every “x” seconds.