Stopwatch gadget picture Here is a great little gadget that features both a stopwatch and a timer, right on your desktop! Perfect for countdowns on your desktop


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This is a handy little gadget! It functions as a stopwatch and a timer. In stopwatch mode, it will time in hours, minutes, seconds, and hundredths of a second. It can be easily cleared, started, or stopped.

Stopwatch gadget options

In timer mode, you can input hours, minutes, or seconds. Once you press start, the the gadget will begin counting down. Once the timer reaches zero, an alarm noise will play and the gadget will flash until the alarm is acknowledged. The gadget can also be made to stay on top of any window you’re working in, so it is easily accessible. This is useful for so many different things!

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If you want to count down to an event or keep track of how long you’re doing a certain task, this stopwatch gadget will get the job done

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