CenerPower gadget picture Looking for a simple, no-frills battery gauge? This Gadget just tells you what you want to know about your battery, without being unnecessarily complicated.


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This is a simple, yet elegant battery gauge that tells you exactly what you want to know–the percentage of your battery remaining. The picture to the side will change according to the power source; it will show a plug when the battery is on AC power, and just a battery when no AC power is available.

Cenerpower gadget options

In the options menu, you can change the opacity of the gadget, so you can keep it always on top of your windows without it being too obtrusive. It’s so handy to just be able to glance up and see how much battery is remaining!

File Download

You can download this file here – keep in mind that this does only work on Windows 7

Download CenerPower Gadget